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Facing first time drug possession charges

If you or a loved one are facing drug possession charges for the first time, you are probably worried about your future. Although attitudes seem to be shifting across the nation when it comes to drugs, Texas still takes these cases very seriously. Drug charges can derail your future, making it difficult to find employment and housing. Therefore, you must have a serious legal strategy for fighting the charges. Here are a few things to keep in mind when facing drug charges.


Why should I have a will?

It’s easy to procrastinate on estate planning. It’s an uncomfortable topic that many people would rather not talk about, but families in all stages of life can benefit from having their estate in order with a will and the related documents.

A solid estate plan can offer peace of mind no matter where you’re at in life. If you’re a young family, you’ll find peace in knowing that you’ve designated a guardian for your young children in case something were to happen to you. As an older family, you’ll find comfort in knowing you have stated your wishes regarding your assets and put together an advanced healthcare directive.

Estate planning when you have a special needs child

As medical advances continue, children with developmental disabilities are expected to live longer - most likely outliving their parents. It puts more responsibility onto parents to plan a future for their child after they pass away.

Estate planning seems complex, but it can be straightforward if you understand what you are planning and how it will impact your child's future needs. It also gives peace of mind to parents to know their child is supported in case of a tragedy.

Penalties for refusing a breathalyzer test

After a night out with friends, you choose to drive home after drinking. You commit a minor traffic violation, and an officer pulls you over. Believing you will fail a breathalyzer test due to your alcohol consumption, the officer administers a BAC. Instead of breathalyzing, however, you legally do not consent to the test.

Texas state law does not require you to submit to a preliminary breath test at the scene of a DUI stop. Unfortunately, due to the Implied Consent law, you may face other charges by refusing to consent. It is essential to speak with an attorney, if possible, before you breathalyze, as he or she can advise you to make the most informed decision. Weighing both DUI charges and breathalyzer refusal charges, you can determine whether submitting to a breath test will hurt or help your alleged DUI charge.

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