Charged With A Crime? Get A Strong Criminal Defense.

Criminal charges can have a wide-ranging impact. A conviction for even a misdemeanor crime can follow you for life, negatively impacting your job prospects, ability to find housing and may even disqualify you from receiving certain loans. When the potential consequences are this serious, you need to respond to criminal allegations with an equally serious defense.

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Compassionate, Tenacious Defense Against Criminal Charges

We know that everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately for some, their mistakes may lead to criminal charges. We provide understanding legal counsel while working hard to shield you from the most severe consequences of a criminal allegation. We defend against a wide range of crimes, including:

Drug crimes: The state of Texas takes drug charges very seriously. So seriously that the laws often fail to distinguish between people struggling with addiction or first-time offenders with those who may be trafficking or manufacturing drugs. Regardless of the types of charges you face, we understand how to attack the evidence without ignoring the circumstances that led to the criminal charges.

DWI: Drunk driving or driving while intoxicated charges happen to people from all walks of life. We can help defend you against criminal charges while also doing what we can to preserve your driving privileges.

Traffic violations: Many people tend to downplay the seriousness of traffic tickets. However, the true cost of a ticket goes well beyond a fine. A traffic violation can cause your automobile insurance rates to skyrocket. Also, every traffic ticket that you plead guilty to through the payment of a fine results in points which are added to your driving record. These points can add up quickly and can lead to a driver's license suspension. That is why it is important to take a proactive approach with the help of a skilled attorney.

We also defend against other types of criminal charges, including theft, assault, juvenile crimes, violent crimes and alleged probation violations. In addition, we handle expungements, which effectively wipe your record clean of certain criminal convictions.

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We know that the criminal justice system is overwhelming. That is why we always take the time to explain everything and what you can expect at each stage of your case. A criminal charge does not define your life. We are here to help you through this difficult time. Call us at 682-317-9924. You may also contact us online.